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February 2018
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Liz Diamond talks about her cystic fibrosis and how the SO WELL salt room helps her be "completely free of cystic fibrosis" and " just woke up from a year long nap with SO much energy" 

She was recommended by her lung doctor to come to a salt room to relieve symtoms. 



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The general health benefits of So Well Himalayan Salt

Learn the benefits of Himalayan salt for your body, mind and wellbeing.

From eating Himalayan salt, breathing Himalayan salt, and being surrounded by Himalayan salt.  It SO GOOD for you! Listen to SO WELL health coach Walt Ingvolstad discuss all the health benefits!


To purchase the best quality Himalayan salt, visit SO WELL, CLICK HERE


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Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Table Salt- What's the difference?

Table salt is processed, and unusable by the body, even the added "iodine" added is in small amounts and not usable.

Sea salt is colloidal- hard for the body to use but does have some health benefits

Himalayan salt- ionic, colloidal, energetic and usable.

Listen to So Well health coach Walt Ingvolstad explain the differences.

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Minerals are frequencies of light and information and creation for the material world in which we live. Minerals activate vitamens and enzymatic actions in the body, are body builders and the basis of organ and cellular structure.

Minerals are the core of restoring every function in the body.  Most of the minerals you get are unusable.  Whats the solution? Himalayan salt... listen to this podcast to learn how and why.

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I am So Well Podcast

Listen to So Well Health Coach Walt Ingvolstad discuss nutrition, the importance of minerals and how minerals help us and how adding 84 mineral rich Himalayan Salt to your diet can help you love and live SO WELL.


Restore function, clarity, vitality and brain & body function. Minerals are the core! Not just any minerals, but usable minerals- nano size at a cell level 84 mineral rich Himalayan salt.


You will want to listen to this show!


For more information, or to have a consultation, email us at info@



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I am So Well First Podcast with Co Host Isabella, Founder of So Well & Health Coach Walt Involstad

Join Founder of So Well, Isabella Samovsky and So Well Health Coach Walt Ingvolstad, discuss how we can experience the best health ever! If you have fatigue, cancer or chronic issues such as asthma & sinus , we can share with you usable, in a how to format information to optimize your health and wellness.

Empowered, simple information shared with you. This is our introduction podcast.


Thanks for listening! you will be empowered to make simple life altering steps to living SO WELL.


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